Spread my wings and fly

In September 1979, at the tender age of 3, I received my inaugural “set of wings” on a TWA Airlines flight bound for California. From that moment, a profound affection for exploration was instilled within me. I can still vividly recall gazing out the window, captivated by the ability to soar above the clouds. That transformative journey with my family left a profound mark on the trajectory of my existence.

Now, as a 47-year-old heterosexual woman who has never tied the knot or embraced motherhood, I am aware that my life choices deviate from contemporary social norms. Nevertheless, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have embarked on countless extraordinary voyages throughout my years, cultivating cherished friendships across the globe. The sheer diversity of countries I have visited, including Italy, Germany, Myanmar, Australia, Vietnam, Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Malaysia, and numerous others, is a testament to my wanderlust. In 2017 at 41 years old my explorations led me to Portugal, marking my 41st country on this remarkable adventure. It was during this excursion that I curated a captivating exhibition of travel photography entitled “Portugal 41,” a compilation of 41 distinctive images that summarized the essence of this poetic and picturesque nation.

Throughout my journeys, my trusty camera has been a constant companion, capturing the beauty of each destination. This bond has grown even stronger over the past decade, but the onset of the pandemic forced me, like countless others, to ground my aspirations for a bit. It was undeniably a challenging period, marked by the absence of travel. However, I am happy to announce that I am once again venturing out into the world, eager to share with you my latest escapades.

Stay tuned for more to come…

Little Liz in California, 1979

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